total side-trip to random land

I've lost almost all sense of what is cheap and what is expensive when it comes to eating food in Canada's north. I have just returned from a place where perishable items are flown in once or twice a week, and non-perishable items are brought in by ship once a year.

Really makes me think twice about complaining when there isn't any Activia vanilla yoghurt at the Sobey's on Jasper Avenue and 104th Street.

Anyway, I just bought some groceries here in Inuvik, and thought I'd share the price tags with you for the sake of comparison....

$7.19 - a 350-gram box of Special K
$1.29 - a pack of Dentyne Ice gum
$3.99 - a 2-litre bottle of Dasani water
$3.35 - a 1-litre carton of milk
$3.09 - a 180-gram pack of Real Fruit gummies

You're probably scratching your head, eh? Trying to remember if these prices are higher than what you last saw in your local grocery store? Believe me, they are much lower than what I saw last week in a co-op in the true hinterland -- $8.99 for the same box of Special K, $6.99 for a box of 36 Red Rose tea bags.

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