Is it a spoiler to guess at the ending of a book you have no intention of reading?

Bear with me momentarily: Here is S. Krishna's review of the young adult book Choker.

And here is my wager the book concludes with the childhood friend being a figment of the protagonist's imagination, sort of like Fight Club for teenage girls.

That's a second spoiler, isn't it? Huh.... But Fight Club (the movie) came out more than 10 years ago, peeps, so don't hate me. Prove me wrong.

Back to essay-writing.... Oh! And strong recommendations you read this book. I haven't read more than a chapter yet (for a class on media representation), but it's on my list.


baby apps

For academic reasons, I'm reading a lot about the iPad today.... (I'm taking a course called ICTs and Everyday Life, which I think of as Awesome Science I Can Use When I'm Back At Work In Newspapers.... even though we study mostly the history of information and communications technologies as opposed to, well, science)

Anyway, I came upon this story, mom friends: Baby books gone digital. Weird? Cool? Perfect way to occupy baby on the Tube/in the car/in the grocery store? I really don't know enough about kids to know whether this is workable.... I feel like the mechanics would be problematic, as it's not like you could just leave them to be occupied, you would have to hold the hardware for them and ensure they don't gnaw through your iPhone.... Yeah, I really, clearly don't know enough about babies. But look! A bonus picture of Cute Baby K!