1. This does have to do with books.
2. And it's hilarious.
3. Look! North!

While in Yellowknife this week, I kept passing the CBC building along Franklin Avenue. I couldn't stop staring -- I kind of acted like the office might be the secret home of Mick Jagger.... or Pierre Trudeau.... Whatever, my point is, I was acting like it was a celebrity mansion, thanks entirely to Elizabeth Hay. I wondered whether the van out front with the canoe atop might be a prop in homage to Gwen. Then, I wondered what the equivalent prop might be for Harry or Dido or the creepy dangerous guy Dido ran off with....

Seriously, have you read this book yet? Everyone up here is still talking about it. For a woman who does not live in the Northwest Territories, Hay remains very much a media darling around these parts, and it's easy to see why -- she wrote a love story to this beautiful little city.

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