and, catching up....

As part of being in the hinterland, where food is expensive and talk is of global warming and little else, I’ve been out of the loop.

But here’s some catch-up stuff for any who are interested….

At his Governance Village blog, Chris Mason offers links on the human impact of the Beijing Olympics.

At the Globe and Mail, Christie Blatchford makes us all think about the ways we do business…. And knocks around the name of a Carleton alum….

I always thought the premise of this book would make a much better movie (on shelves at Chapters, the storyline looked just a bit too wide-eyed and goofy). Looks like the Brits agree.

Speaking of premises that work, but writing that doesn’t (Cecelia Ahern, anyone?), I can only be completely uneasy about this computer program.

I watched a classic Robert Downey Jr. film last night, Only You. My favourite part is when he pulls a Gregory Peck voice, and begins quoting lines from Roman Holiday, and Marisa Tomei plays along at an Audrey Helpburn impression. And then I remember real life is not so very romantic.

Then, I read stuff like this and remember I’m not the only one with serious reality issues.

In truly hard-hitting news, by the way, Katie Holmes is continuing to dress this way. I am very confused, but thrilled to see there are ways for young girls all over North America to copy the trend.

And finally, did I mention there’s nothing like tooting your own horn? Mmm.... horn-tootin'. Such a thrill.

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erin said...

Hey chickadee,

Welcome back to the less-Far North. Anyhow, on the topic of book vs. movie, I'm not sure if you remember our conversation earlier this year regarding Margaret Laurence's "The Stone Angel", to read the book or see the movie. Anyhow, I still haven't seen the movie, but just finished the book, and it was superb. Moreover, I feel this deeply personal, first person narrative would wither on the big screen. I just don't think they'd be able to coherently capture the mood and thoughts of the character, which range from laugh-out-load hilarious to heart-breakingly bittersweet. So, my verdict - read the book - it's a fine piece of literature (and get this, it's written by a female and I'm recommending it!)