lonelier planet

I'm not uber-thrilled with the Lonely Planet people today.

Or the Frommer's people. Or the Fodor's types. Michelin didn't impress me much either.

Wanna go to Alaska? There's a book about it. Also, the Queen Charlotte Islands. And Newfoundland. You can read about treks through all parts of France or China or Peru or India, but if you're looking for a guide to the Northwest Territories, my friend, you are shit out of luck.

Excuse my profanity. I'm sure we can all agree I'm not usually that kind of girl.

But as a Canadian standing in a Chapters outlet, shouldn't I be able to find something on the Territories beyond a lonely chapter at the back of the big fat Canada guidebook? Isn't Yellowknife like a huge destination for Japanese and German tourists, so shouldn't all the information they need be collected in book format, then published in English?

(I know, lots to ask. Big whiner. Time to laugh at the girl who just learned you can't rent a car in Inuvik.)
Someone should get on this.... I vote for Ed.

Other news, other news.... In my humble opinion, this Journal series is something to be proud of. Yes, roll your eyes at me. I'll stand over here now and pretend I'm not guilty of anything at all....

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erin said...

Really? I think you are very much the girl who uses expressions like "shit out of luck"... or are you just trying to make an excuse to potential mothers who may be reading this.
The no rental cars makes sense, though I wouldn't have thought of it either. On the other hand, think of all the great stories and connections you can make hitch-hiking (and I mean that genuinely, not sarcastically, as somewhat who used to hitch everywhere, on 3 different continents).