fairy tales

Have you seen Penelope yet?

Probably not -- it was in theatres for about 10 seconds, and despite its awesomeness there was not a lot of buzz.

But now it's on DVD and, my friends, you must watch it. James McAvoy is in it. You would think he steals the show, but Christina Ricci has a pig nose and still manages to be adorable. The story is a sweet fairy tale -- not a romantic comedy -- and the film is shot in the same style as Pushing Daisies or Big Fish. The message is pretty simple (maybe too simple), but you really do have to love it.

(Favourite line: "Edward, don't lick Max.")

And did I mention James McAvoy is in it? Sigh. Okay, he does kind of steal the show.

Anyway, this does seep into a book topic.

My close friends' daughter turns one this month, and I've been looking for the right birthday present for her. I'm thinking fairy tale, a book that she clearly will not be able to read now but which she will treasure in the years to come.

That's the goal, at least.

I was thinking a couple second-hand Nancy Drew novels in the lovely yellow hardcover style. Or perhaps I could pull a couple of the sketches from the books and frame them for the baby?

Other fairy tales.... Alice in Wonderland? Ramona Quimby? (I know, not a fairy tale, but certainly a tale to treasure.) Little Women?



erin said...

I know it isn't a fairy tale per se, but as a kid I adored, and can still recite huge portions from memory "Horton Hatches an Egg" by Seuss. It's full of the loveliness of make-believe, there's lessons in relationships and responsibilities, and it rhymes!! What more could you ask for? On the other hand, at your suggestion, while "Little Women" is not a fairy tale either (Amy gets Laurie?? WTF??????), I absolutely treasure an illustrated version that was originally my mom's which she passed on to me. I started by just looking at the pictures, and then probably read it 10 or more times... they probably don't make goodies like that anymore, but if they did, WOW, that would be a perfect gift.

Cara said...

Matilda was hands-down one of my favourite books to read as a little girl. It really depends, I guess on the kind of kid it is, but it's sooo good.

Ryan/ Andy said...

Velveteen rabbit


where the wild things are

both timeless classics