some thoughts from the edge....

  • I fancy myself a chick flick connoisseur. That's right, connoisseur. I was thinking about my chick flick know-all last night when playing the Disney version of Scene It (lost it). But I hate, hate, hate Pretty Woman. (The channel formerly known as TBS is showing it ad nauseum today.) Modern-day Cinderella story, my ass. This is a story about a man who picks up a prostitute, and yes, she's pretty and Julia Roberts, but it completely skirts the actual issues of drug addiction and fear and sexual abuse that go hand-in-hand with the sex trade.
  • The previous book club selection created a couple hours' worth of discussion today on what exactly feminism is, what it's place in our society is, etc. Apparently I am the only one who -- rather breathlessly -- feels Carol Shields has changed her life.
  • The next book club book is What is the What, by Dave Eggers. Already started it. Love the language. Will update later.
  • Still wallowing in pain. Thus, spent much of the evening re-reading Pride and Prejudice as security blanket.

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Shannon said...

I wish my security blanket book was literature. Instead of . . . Bridget Jones' diary. I seriously will soon be able to close my eyes and read that whole damn book from memory.

On the male-female debate, I have roughly double the number of male authors I do to female authors (quick count of living room bookshelf yields 60 to 30.) I'm unsure of whether that makes me a bad feminist. Where is Carol Shields when you need her?