dinner conversation

Birth of the s'more.

Why I don't eat chocolate.

Best book I remember reading in high school (assigned -- also, while reading it on a 12-hour bus ride from my hometown to Vancouver in the 12th grade, a woman who sat beside me said, "Wow. A biography. I've always wanted to read the Marilyn Monroe story.").

Best book I remember reading in high school (unassigned, and embarrassing).

Key reason I don't like Richler.

Key reason I may try again someday. (But probably not.)

Restaurant in Edmonton you should try.

Restaurant in Edmonton bound to make you motion sick (but good food and excellent for dinners with dads).

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erin said...

seriously... Barney's Version is the only one you've tried. Try "Joshua Then and Now". Definitely among the best Canadian literature has to offer (even compared to Atwood... I am suppressing a grimace even as I type the name).