happy holidays!

Dear you all:

Merry Christmas! I'm off for the holidays, so I will try to stay away from computers as much as possible. (Oh, BBC World News. I will endeavour to withstand your saucy lure.)

Quick note: If you have a moment over the next couple weeks, go see Atonement. It's gorgeous. Admittedly, the film does seem sort of split in half, the first an afternoon in the mid-30s, shot with a fast pace and surprising twists and turns, overlaid by a darkness that actually keeps you on the edge of your seat, and then interrupted by bits of laughter. The second half is a war epic, which I enjoyed, but which might lack some of the nuance for true film buffs (not me, I was still enthralled).... By the way, I love James McAvoy. It's a true love, to be sure.

I do have the book now too, thanks to my friend Erin, but I'll need some time before I can start to read it. The film is almost too fresh in my mind.

Quick question: What will you be reading this holiday season?

Cheers --
P.S. The present/picture comes from this site.

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