tactile versus tactical...

Full disclosure: When I last packed my bags for a RyanAir flight... and by "bags" I mean "bag," and when I mention it's RyanAir, I wish to note specifically that one has to jam their purse into their carry-along and hope for the best while trying desperately to look as though the weight of one's bag is not an issue... I have to admit I kind of wished I had a Kindle rather than four paperbacks stuffed in my bag. I've heard great things about the Kindle -- specifically that it doesn't hurt your eyes, and you don't have to carry around books anymore -- and yet I'm fairly unwilling to dive so headlong into such technology. Won't I miss dog-earing pages? And the tactile enjoyment of turning pages? And, admittedly, the look of a full-to-overflowing bookshelf. Am I right or am I being pretentious and a little silly about emerging technology?

For the image: h/t Bookshelf blog.


erin said...

I'm with you. There's something about reading from an actual book that makes the experience more intimate - the reader is more likely to make a personal connection to something tactile. And what about the thrill of pulling an old fave off the shelf, and flipping it open to any random page and being struck again by the mastery of a certain line of text. Nope, technology will not replace my beloved books. And on the bright side, at least it was paperbacks and not hardcovers in your bag!

The Night Time Brothers said...

As a hopeful novelist, I agree with this post and with Erin's comment.

It was sad to see our local Borders go - in my small city, Borders was the best place to find the biggest range of books.

As a lot of people always tell me about my breakups, "If it was meant to be, then you'll be together again."

Let's just hope the next generation yearns for books again.