Juliet, Naked

I think I was too invested in the outcome of Juliet, Naked.

Yes, friends, consider this a short note of caution after two previous blog posts urging you to read Nick Hornby's latest novel.

The thing is, the rock star at the centre of the novel -- Tucker Crowe -- is irredeemable. His really, really bad qualities are what make him, his story, his interactions with his children, and his correspondence with the novel's heroine, hilarious.

About 60 pages from the end of the book, though, I wanted something to change. And, again and again, I thought Hornby was throwing me a bone. I can't really expand on this because, honestly, I really really think you should read the book. It made me laugh out loud an embarrassing number of times.... Perhaps I was actually too much of a fan of the book, and just didn't want it to end.

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