speaking of being out of time...

So, my Christmas break ends Saturday. And, efforts to read no less than 10 books in 11 days.... failed. I haven't even started the book club book yet.

Bright side? Excellent times with family and friends in the coffee shops of my hometown, in the town across the lake, and in gorgeous Vancouver.

Now, I have started Joseph Boyden's Through Black Spruce.

Confession: I have a massive crush on Boyden's writing. I love the weight he gives to speech and conversation in his novels, the way he captures the rhythm of language.

Example: "I healed over time. We all do. Your mother, she came to visit me in the hospital after the beating. She would bring a book with her and try to read it to me so that I was forced to pretend sleep. She's a good woman, your mother, but she's been weakened by Oprah." (p. 16)

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erin said...

Not really related to your post, but a line from the book that I just finished, that I thought nicely and succinctly described female friendships;

"What would women do without friends? I guess they would just buy their own straitjacket, wrap themselves up and wait for the ambulance."

- from "After the Falls" by Catherine Gildiner, a light-hearted memoir... often described as being a memoir about "coming of age in the '60's", but I found it a great little window into the experience of growing up not quite fitting it, with a family that wasn't quite mainstream... the era that it took place in was just scenary. It, and her previous memoir "Too Close to the Falls", are charming, light-hearted, and pieces I'd recommend to any female, particularly those of us who have been described as "eccentric".