suck it, snow

Ok, friends.

Brace yourself for a Dan Savage factoid.

Yes, the Dan Savage of the hilarious, scary, frank, sometimes ew-inducing Savage Love column. The one you know and love and maybe shouldn't read when you're at work.

Ok, ready for the factoid?

His book, The Commitment, is super mellow. In this really great, memoir-ish way.

Yes, a book all about negotiating the politics of marriage and raising a kid would be seriously weird if it were scary or ew-inducing or heavy on the sex talk. I realize that. I'm still a titch surprised.

And I can't put it down -- it makes me laugh, it's, well, super great, and it is still edgy.

For example, on his relationship with the family dog: "Oh, I may get jealous sometimes. Terry drags Stinker around on a leash, takes him to obedience classes, and sometimes makes him wear a collar that administers a little shock whenever he barks. Terry's never done any of those things for me." (p. 8.)

Or, on how he and his partner incidentally slip into the roles one might expect of an old-school heterosexual couple: "We lead a far more traditional lifestyle than a certain unmarried, childless, withered, aging right-wing attack hag that I could name if I weren't so damn polite. (Oh, fuck it: Ann Coulter.)" (p. 23)

Clearly this is a book written by the charming Dan Savage you've heard, too, on This American Life.

By the way, if you're looking for a quick hit of Thank-God-that-day-is-over-let's-watch-something-that-will-make-me-laugh, look no further:

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