"stop my mouth"

See, we fools!
Why have I blabb'd? who shall be true to us,
When we are so unsecret to ourselves?
But, though I loved you well, I woo'd you not;
And yet, good faith, I wish'd myself a man,
Or that we women had men's privilege
Of speaking first. Sweet, bid me hold my tongue,
For in this rapture I shall surely speak
The thing I shall repent. See, see, your silence,
Cunning in dumbness, from my weakness draws
My very soul of counsel! stop my mouth.

Well, friends, this should be my last post from London. On Saturday, I fly to Tunis, then back home next week.
I can't believe my time here's come to an end! *tears* But, like a good tourist, Wednesday night I got to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre to see Troilus and Cressida -- five pounds to stand for about three hours. With a break in the middle to drink Pimm's of course. Sort of an odd play, to be honest -- up to the break, it was freaking hilarious. Raunchy. Quite possibly way more hints at homosexuality than the play itself (or quite possibly not). I fell absolutely in love with Achilles as lover to Patroclus. The second part.... wraps up quite differently. Isn't quite so funny (it is supposed to be a tragedy, after all), and essentially leaves you wondering what kind of women-are-evil frame of mind Shakespeare may have been in when writing.... Anyway, the ambiance is pretty amazing. Yes, tourist trap. But one of those tourist traps that you can't help but love. And likely return to, given the execution of the play on-stage.

Aside from the lines above -- spoken by Cressida -- I would have to say my favourites are these:

So been there. So felt that.

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