hello, self:

Yeah, it's embarrassing and ridiculous, but sometimes (always?) Stuff White People Like is, well, completely and totally right.

It is a guarantee that whenever it is announced that a popular book is being turned into a movie, white people will get upset. This is partly due to their fear that something they love will be made accessible to more people and thus enjoyed by more people which immediately decreases the amount of joy a white person can feel towards the original property. Yes, it’s complicated....

In other news, Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters. Nope, kid you not. Yes, I'll try not to judge a book by its cover (TSS). Although I can maybe judge a little for just blatantly rehashing the same idea later in the same year, no? It would be like someone riffing on brilliant title to go here by creating pretty good title to go here.

Or not, since my blog has yet to net millions of dollars.

(I must admit this is a rather fitting end for Willoughby, no?)

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