F words

Ok, I love this video. (Also found here, in case your computer's all F'ed up.)

Stay tuned: today or tomorrow, I'm going to fill you in on a memoir I'm reading, in which the author absolutely insists on using the "F" word I was not allowed to use as a child. (As in, "Don't say 'fat,' Tricia, say 'pleasantly plump.'")

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~e said...

So, you've done it, Trish (or rather, your YouTube picks have)... you've got me not really sure of my opinion.
The F Word - I tend to be against the idea of "organized feminism" (as you might have noticed at a certain Book Club). While I can find no arguement with the video, I guess I just hate to single out any specific group (sex, race, age) as needing special attention, protection, recognition. One of my central theses is to recognize and evaluate each human being as they are - their strengths, values, intelligence, morals... - and ignore any aspect that allows categorization. That's why feminism frustrates me, per se; they facilitate categorization.

Such a Pretty Fat - I'm confused... does she actually have health issues related to her weight, or was her doc such an arrogant anus (let's face it, the majority are...) that they told her that she "had to" lose weight, regardless of her actual level of health. That totally changes the angle from which one views this.