away on an island....

Okay, this is my parting Christmas-themed posting.

Yup. This video, or I was going to revisit the classic, Winter Dreams, Christmas Love. My favourite Christmas book since I was about 12 years old.

That's right. Who wouldn't love this sentimental moment?

Finally Michael sighed and took her arm to walk back to the car. "That's what I call one special evening, Ellen Marlowe. It would be a shame to waste a snow like this on just anyone. Thank you for being a winter nut like I am."

At her door he lifted her chin, and looked at her for a long moment. Then he leaned over and touched her lips with his. In that moment, she realized that no other kisses but his could ever mean anything to her. Something almost like electricity tingled in her lips and down her entire body. She couldn't breathe but she didn't want to. She only wanted to hold him tight and keep that trembling excitement coursing through her forever. But almost at once he had pulled away and was smiling down at her. "Merry Christmas, Ellen, and I hope the rest of your freshman year is great." (p. 127-128)

Guh. Where do I start.... Why I have a faux sense of reality when it comes to romance.... Worst dialogue ever.... Sorry, I mean lame boy monologue.... Or do I mean lame girl dreaminess? Just, guh.

Merry Christmas, mes amies.

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erin said...

aren't there cannibals on Christmas Island? Or is that just Easter Island?