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Hello internet friends!

I feel like it's been ages since we last met.

In recent days, I have destroyed my computer. A computer virus took a page from Homer, and a Trojan invaded. Or so the kid at the store explained. Then he rebuilt everything. He treated me like a bit of a moron and at one point tried to talk to my male friend about my hard drive. It was not unlike that scene in Sex and the City where Carrie learns about backing up. Important lessons, but where does one put all these back-up disks?

The good news on the destroyed computer, by the way, is getting it fixed has made it all fast-like on the internet connection. The bad news is every single piece of fiction I've put to hard drive in the last three years is gone. Most of it was crappy, so it's not like a loss to humanity or anything. (Imagine if Chaucer had to navigate computers? and then screwed up?) But still.

At work, I have learned where I never, ever want to have a baby.

And, at home, I have been sucked into another Elizabeth Hay book -- despite what I must now admit is slightly over-the-top foreshadowing. But I think this bodes well for my ability to think at the same time as I work and do other activities.

So, time to sign off and get back to Hay's textured, Depression-era Prairie world. In the meantime, I offer you deep thoughts on the future of marketing literature. (Thanks to Sarah!)

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