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So, check this out. On the one hand, I'm all, "ew, Barbie." But then, I hit the, "I love Amy Poehler." Followed by, "Will Arnett's dancing too! I love Will Arnett! Fingers crossed for an Arrested Development movie! Even though the Sex and the City movie sucked so, so much."

(I know I should be over how much the Sex and the City movie sucked. But I saw it on the plane to Paris and it made me angry all over again. And then -- salt in a wound -- the folks at HMV insist on sticking at least one of the movie DVDs alongside the TV show DVDs, sullying the very name of Carrie Bradshaw and all the ridiculous pre-recession commercialism she stands for.)

Brain so tired I have begun complaining, again, about something I've complained about many, many times before. Sorry. I should be talking about how fantastic Joseph Boyden's Three Day Road is, but I'll wait until after book club, after I get to hear what everyone else thought about the last chapter. What to read now? I will not start Garbo Laughs until I have a quiet day to sit back and read the whole thing in a single gulp. The Diviners has been sitting on my bedside table for a long time....

(Ooh! Wikipedia claims Margaret Laurence's final work has been dubbed blasphemous and obscene! Sweet!)

Did I mention I spent much of my evening watching MLAs debate whether rodeo should be the province's official sport? Seriously. I've never heard the terms "city boy" and "urban cowboy" tossed around so liberally. (Sorry, did I say liberally? This is Alberta, after all. I'm sure I meant to use another adjective.)

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erin said...

Wow, I'm glad in a time of such intense financial crisis, particularly in a province whose entire financial existence depends on oil, I'm soooo glad that our elected officials are spending their time debating issues of such critical importance.

Ok, I'll turn the anger off now, and strongly encourage "The Diviners". Though I forget the general plot, I do remember enjoying it. I read "The Stone Angel" this summer after our "movie or book?" discussion, and was enthralled. AND, if you needed another reason, I just finished my Findley memoirs in which he praised Laurence's talents quite extensively. So, yes, you should read "The Diviners", and I'll try to ignore the siren song of my new Salman Rushdie and pick up "Three Day Road" instead.