So, this blog is my new favourite online novel.

Yes, gentlemen, you've read the title correctly: The Harlequin Project. Back to your other reading, now.

But knowing the author behind the chapters, I have to tell you it's good on several levels.... To start, the very surface Harlequin level. Storyline's not so bad. If you go in for that sort of thing.

Which takes us to "that sort of thing." Ready for a mind-blowing secret? One that will rock your world? Harlequin novels follow a formula. Usually the same formula, book to book, despite different authors. Sometimes they're historical romances, other times there's an age difference that makes your skin crawl because of the back story. But generally, formula. And Miss Katie's hitting them all: man with tiny yet feisty mom; woman driving along highway in sporty race car with blaring rock music in attempt to escape her problems; woman arrives in tiny town, keen to drop her big-city history again in an attempt to escape her problems. (Props for sticking the town in Canada's Maritimes, though. Who needs another Harlequin novel set in the Australian Outback or Montana?)

See, following the formula is kind of the joke for this blog. That, and the fact it's someone mapping out a novel online. (Level three?)

Anyway, check it out.

In other news....

  • Jennifer Weiner says: Good fiction never sets out to make a point, or reduce the reader's BMI, as much as it tries to entertain and enlighten and tell a good story.

  • Is it appropriate to say one swoons when they see a picture of Robert Downey Jr. decked out in Sherlock Holmes attire? I'm not sure. But I love the man. You should too. We will all go to watch this movie, yes?

  • Living in the UK has not dulled Fergis's humour. In recent weeks, he offered a paint-by-number love letter. Do not paint by his numbers. Or give him your number.

  • Does this bookshelf remind anyone else of the toilet roll in their bathroom?

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