So.... I was supposed to go to the Shakespeare festival tonight.... but then it started to rain. Pour, actually. The wind swept up, and thunder clapped. Clouds took over the sky.... I totally wimped out.

Instead of making my way to Hawrelak Park with rain slicker in hand and blanket at the ready, I went shopping. Well, imaginary shopping. I collected a selection of perfect gifts for friends, but didn't actually buy anything. So, I guess I really just came up with suggestions for books I think they'd like? Hm....

For S:

For A in Truro:
For little Aislin:

There's a Wocket in My Pocket (this has the added bonus of being a truly hilarious book title. Even for toddlers.)

For my brother:

For C the Girl:

For E of the Island:

And, for me:




Oh dear. No more imaginary shopping for other people.

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