brilliant! disjointed!

There must be a way to make these* at home. I've always wanted to make art with clippings from Nancy Drew classics, but then I remind myself I don't actually make art. I make messes. My friend Cara the Girl,** on the other hand....

*I was inspired by Trashionista.
**I'm blatantly shilling for a friend. Sorry. Sometimes I accidentally sell out, sometimes on purpose.

In other book-ish news.... Have you thought about Ann-Marie MacDonald lately? If you're in Alberta, probably not. But if you're in my old stomping grounds, maybe.

(Man, I loved the Shaw. Granted, I never went to the Stratford, but the Shaw was really cool. And at the end of the season they would have these really awesome garage sales, and you could buy furniture props and shoes and clothes.)

In way more bizarre theatre-book news, how about that Miriam Toews? Weird, eh?

Okay, that's all for random thoughts from me tonight. Have you gone to Taste of Edmonton yet? Get on it! Only three more days!

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