to see or not to see....

This film looks really good -- question, though. If you've not yet read the book, should you see the movie first? Conundrum, since it's playing at the Princess at the moment. But I've not yet read any Margaret Laurence, let alone The Stone Angel. But Ellen Page. What do I do?
By the way, this site has not been taken over by the government. I see where the confusion lies, as the layout has changed. But I assure you (Erin), la gouvernement du Canada continues to have little interest in Sex and the City and virtually no interest in my thoughts on books. Or my obsession with other people's blogs -- if you haven't been reading Mahspace lately, by the way, the last entry is kind of hilarious and so very gentle.


Anonymous said...

If you do decide to go see it, A and I will probably go with. I think she's a fan of the book.

If you have time over the next few days, let us know.


erin said...

As someone chronically disappointed by books made into movies, I think I'll just add it to my "to read" list... and I think Stephen Harper IS intensely interested in Sex and the City... he thinks it will help him better stand female politicians (like Sheila Copps???)