Quickly, to justify my existence, on books: I am to be the next host of book club. And so, I am trying to figure out what book to choose. I already have two in mind (so please, avid blog readers, don't confuse me by sending suggestions), but I'm trying to pick between a light read that still contemplates life and death and heaven, or a slightly more in-depth read that treats sex as religion....

Tough decision.

Now, to what I'm actually excited about tonight: Robert Downey Jr.

That's right, the man behind Chaplin.

And my favourite messed up character in 1969.

The most hilarious member of a totally messed up family in Home for the Holidays.

And, finally, Iron Man.

I loved, loved, loved Iron Man. LOVED it. Loved Jeff Bridges, loved Gwyneth Paltrow, loved Robert Downey Jr. sitting in the back of an army truck with soldiers while drinking a glass of icy scotch. I'm such a sucker for superhero movies, and I got to see a preview for the new Batman movie (question: is Maggie Gyllenhaal supposed to be replacing Katie Holmes?), and I feel like speedy cars and awesome special effects and a pretty good storyline are all the makings of a great summer.


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Ryan /Andy said...

Yeah Trish Maggie is the new Katie, which is good because the only thing that really bugged me about the last one was Katie Holmes.