Have I mentioned I'm a total airhead sometimes?

In my last entry, I did not actually link to the author's site. So here it is.

For the sake of something new, I offer this link to Bookshelf. I really want a friend to have this in their house so that I'll point at it and say, "Hey, look! It's a.... gosh, what's the word? How do you call it? You know, the thing? That holds? The books?" And then I will laugh at my own joke, much to the amused horror of all who know me.

* Bad college joke. Goes something like this (although feel free to correct me if you remember it better, dear reader): Friend 1 says, "You're such a moron, I'm writing it down." Friend 2 says, "You forgot the 'E'." Friend 1 says, "Oh, yeah," and puts an 'E' at the end of the word. Friend 2 asks, "Now who's the morone?"

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