happy red-heart day

So, I'm kind of broken.

I mean, not unfixable or anything. Just sorta.... broken. My back is sick, so I have to lie around lots. On my stomach. The lying about is interrupted by 15-minute ice-downs. It's all very fun, I've gotta tell ya. I'm currently eating Pringles and watching a "Valentine's fantasy" episode of As the World Turns. Mock freely. I'm trying to figure out what makes the Valentine's fantasy episode all that different from the, say, Monday episode. The storylines seem to be more outlandish, believe it or not. Also, the actors are overdoing it even more than usual. One guy is trying to pull off a Cary Grant 'tude. Eek.

Anyway.... caught a few links to share with y'all.

For those keeping track of my house of dreams, I offer this website. So cool! So now my house'o'dreams would include bookshelves-turned-stairs, a mural of Audrey Hepburn in the kitchen, and a garden of tomatoes. Goh-geous.

Totally unrelated to weird book obsessions.... Have you met Bill Mah yet? Wanna man-date him?

If he's not the journalist for you, try Joel Kom. He possesses a shocking amount of Calgary Olympics knowledge matched only by his Alberta political trivia.

Happy Valentine's Day, people. Think of me, lying here, whining to myself, as you go off to candle-lit dinners and other adventures.

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