three links

Hello. Welcome to [Brilliant title to go here]. If you've been here before, you already have unfortunate insight into how my mind works and, wondrously, you've returned.

So here's another wee trip....

First, read this -- I love this guy, he's so California. I think. I mean, I've never actually been to California, but I feel like if Zack Morris were a 21st century book agent, he might be friends with this guy. (I'm so never going to get published.)

Now, from his blog, check this out. Isn't that a cool idea? (Although I would never pick up those books, even if they were free.)

And, finally, this. This seems like a really good and twisty adventure.

What book would you put out there? I think it has to be something you actually believe could make the world a better place.... I'm thinking it has to be poetry, because is there anything we're more missing in this world?

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