never mind

It seemed so cool to read the blogs of favourite authors. Because I love their writing, right? They write these really funny or cool books, so they must have just fascinating blogs.

But you're thinking that, well, they write books. They're not rock stars or soldiers or doctors with Medecins sans Frontiers or.... bike couriers. I think bike couriers would have really interesting blogs. They're usually cute, and they ride all over the city in zany outfits (read: warm) and they meet all sorts of people, and they remember everyone's faces, even passersby on the street.

Anyway, back to my point. Authors aren't that interesting. Here's proof. And I feel kind of bad writing that, but the thing is, I'm SO not a pet person. I couldn't be more bored or scroll through these entries faster. So, good bye Jennifer Crusie blog. Turns out you are a very normal person, just like the rest of us, and I am not entertained enough to dedicate 15 seconds a day to scrolling through your entries in hope there is mention of your next book or project.

To be honest, this does make sense. I mean, if I were a writer, my blog entries would be rather boring, wouldn't they?

Thanks for reading, people.

(Meanwhile, however, I am not disappointed at all by the Jennifer Weiner blog. And I still hold out some hope for other writers' blogs, too.)

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Shannon said...

Wow, I'm getting a bit of a bike-courier theme going on here. Is there a specific bike courier that's inspiring the recent focus, or just the species in general?