more chick lit-fuelled consumerism

I have a love-hate relationship with Sophie Kinsella novels.

Once in my hand, I can't put the novels down. They're well-written for what they are -- really, really formula chick lit. Perfect if your life is totally out of control, because you know what to expect and, honestly, no one is worse with money than the heroine in the Shopaholic novels.

(In general, I don't hit serious depression mode unless I am completely unable to shop or imagine a brighter day -- say, the 15th and 30th of each month -- when I will once again be able to shop.... Not sure what sort of an -ism that would be....)

The hate part of the equation comes when the characters themselves completely lose control and/or grasp of reality. For example, Becky Bloomwood writing back and forth with her frustrated bank manager in the first book is brilliant. Shipping thousands of dollars of international crap without her husband noticing in Shopaholic and Sister is just ridiculous. I couldn't bother to pick up the baby one, in part because I was done with Becky, and in part because approximately 6,000 books about women wanting babies, or not wanting babies, or simply being obsessed with spawn in general, came out all at once.

My point....

Right. Back to that. I may not be completely done with Ms. Bloomwood. Turns out the banner Kinsella novel is headed for the silver screen. Filming starts in the new year, according to the author's website.

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