humour me for a moment....

So, let's say you have to stay at work well past the usual closing time. And no one else is around, except the Russian cleaning lady, and you've already exhausted your daily conversation of "How are you?.... Oh, yes, very busy." All just to wait for a phone call. Now, it's a very important phone call and all, but it's well past midnight and there's frankly nothing else for you to be doing around 1 a.m. You're tired and cranky and you've already read last week's New York Times and you're disappointed to see the more recent Sunday edition has not yet landed in the library.

For a lack of any other reading material in the world, this "real-time" internet novel is not so bad. Soon it will be a book, though I've no idea why anyone would buy it when it's all there online.

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Josh said...

this doesn't make sense! are you just supposed to read all her emails? wtf? I think our email boxes could be as/more interesting, no?