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Christie Blatchford is not, frankly, someone you expect to like in real life.

Yes, she is sharp. Yes, a good writer. But nice?

She came through Edmonton tonight to promote her new book. And she was actually quite lovely, even funny. (And yes, she joked about her "rack", because apparently that is what women columnists must do.) She bantered with the small crowd of people there to listen to her and get their books signed. And there was an adorable moment when this very old man with white, white hair said he had no questions for her because every Saturday morning he sits down with a hot cup of coffee to read her columns, and there he finds all the answers he needs.

The Blatchford availability actually made me want to read the book, which up until now I wasn’t that interested in. She seems intent on telling the stories about the real men and women (mostly men?) on the ground in Afghanistan and in this country’s military bases. One can’t help but respect that. And grin at her crush on the soldiers she’s met.

Ooh, and roll your eyes at the questions people ask of journalists, like whether NATO forces can win in Afghanistan (a question better asked of politicians), or how journalists advocate for soldiers (they don’t, not their jobs).

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