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You know when someone's so late getting to something, it's just kind of ridiculous? Like, say, the soccer mom who only started wearing slouch socks and tights in 1999? Between it being cool in the New Kids on the Block era and then almost cool again in the American Idol era?

Similarly, it's ridiculous when people talk Christmas presents in February, or when someone decides to discuss Halloween on, say, Nov. 4.

But I had a tough week last week, and didn't get around to it. People who did include a friend of a friend in Uganda and a local dad/reporter friend. Can I say how ridiculous I felt when I complained of not having enough time to get a simple costume together for a Halloween party (not even devil's ears or cat's whiskers or princess cape and wand), then saw how Chris wandered around Africa looking for the perfect Mountie uniform? Seriously, people, it's time I got my priorities straight.

On things that are scary, however, I offer the Philippa Gregory novel I just finished. I know, historical romance, etc. Mock me. Stone me. Etc.

But Gregory's latest novel is a reading on King Henry VIII's later years. While her first couple novels on that particularly woman-hating/woman-hungry English king cast the man as a petulant child and spoiled brat with a crown, her latest painted a picture of a yicky old monster with piggy eyes.

Her first novels on the subject of Henry VIII were told through the eyes of Anne Boleyn's sister and Queen Katherine of Aragon. The Other Boleyn Girl is going to be a movie at some point soon, starring Eric Bana as the king.

This last is narrated by Queen Anne of Cleves, Queen Katherine Howard and Jane Boleyn, Anne Boleyn's sister-in-law. Adding to the overall scary factor -- if you're not that familiar with English history, which I'm honestly not, you spend the entire book with your fingers crossed for Anne of Cleves -- it turns out, is actually kind of mad. I didn't catch on until the end of the book, at which point Gregory casts the evil craziness so well.

By this point reading my blog entry, I expect you, kind reader, are bored. If so, I would not suggest reading this particular novel. If you're not, I think you might want to take a spin....

Now I'm onto Cecilia Ahern. I know, romance novel. Mock me more. But I'm giving into my soppy nature this weekend.... The premise of this one is that childhood sweethearts Gerry and Holly are broken up when Gerry dies young. Holly can barely get back on her feet, and then she gets a packet of letters from Gerry, one for each month, with a list of tasks for her to get done. The tasks range from sweet and adventurous to simply sad. One might even say heart-breaking if they hadn't lost their tear ducts in 'Nam.

I promise my next book will be very smart. Sweetness in the Belly is the next book club selection, so I anticipate being smarter for reading it....

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Chris said...

For shame, Trish. For shame, indeed.

If you want to get an early start on next year's Halloween I know of a great mountie costume I'd sell you for a very reasonable price.

No? Okay...