election day

By the end of the day, Edmonton should have its new slate of councillors, etc. And everyone will have forgotten the motley crew of crazies and people-with-good-hearts-but-no-hope who ran against Mayor Stephen Mandel.

I, meanwhile, will remain angry that the only guy who stood a chance had virtually zero substance. Check out his website, and more specifically a link to his appearance on a morning talk show, during which he stumbles over the question of why he's running for office.


(What does this have to do with books, you ask? Nothing. Nothing at all. I just finished reading High Fidelity this morning, and perhaps I feel like being growly and apathetic. I loved the book, by the way. I can't believe one slim novel has so much harsh honesty packed into it.)

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Mike said...

High Fidelity's a great book! I'm glad that you enjoyed it. You can keep it if you want, because me and Sarah have two copies between the two of us.