selling Shakespeare

I feel like, had William Shakespeare been born in the 20th century, he'd be a total sell-out. He wouldn't live in London, writing plays. He'd move to Hollywood and write sitcoms and pan to canned laughter. Or perhaps he'd write for one of those halfway good soap operas -- the kind on CBS that actually make sense until the third commercial break, at which point you're sitting on your couch going, "Wha? I thought he died? Huh?"

(Speaking of "wha?" moments on one's couch, I'm half watching the new Peter Krause show on ABC. The guy was so good on Six Feet Under. Not sure he picked a winner here, though.)

My point.... There are artists who, I feel, would be uncomfortable the way their work has been capitalized upon.

This is something I found on another website. I feel like Shakespeare would be cool with it, and perhaps a little disappointed he wasn't making money off it.

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