autumn day of discovery

I found a new bookstore in Edmonton today! It's called Broad Valley Books (across from Chapters on 105th Street at Whyte Avenue), and it's actually pretty great. All used books, but laid out according to style and author. There's nothing I hate more than when I'm in a used bookstore and I can't just look along the alphabetized rows to find the book I'm actually trying to find. Yes, used bookstores are for browsing, I know. But when you have to find the book club book of the month, it's nice to have a starting point. This was a good used bookstore experience -- the place is packed with titles, and I was tempted by much of its large selection.

(In fairness, the last sentence of this mini-review is irrelevant. Sort of like a chocaholic commending the pile of candy bars before her.)

Other discoveries on a gorgeous autumn day? A friend was telling me about the sugar.com network (by the way, this is what you will find if you plug http://www.sugar.com/ into your browser -- in Canada, at least, it brings you to the Canadian Sugar Institute, which I definitely did not know existed). You can find one of its parts here, and apparently it's on the verge of a smart new change....

Also, The Sweet Hereafter -- the single film every single one of my friends had to watch for their first-year film studies class -- is based on a book. Not sure I'm up to reading it, really. At least not while the days are getting shorter again.

(I am now debating whether I should dedicate an entire blog entry to my favourite movies that were based on lesser-known books. Just checked, and my all-time favourite, The Philadelphia Story, was based on a play. Not a book. Oh, 1940s Hollywood. You woo me.)

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