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I am sure that, somewhere out there, someone is diligently packing their things, moving out of their apartment on time, and then reliably unpacking their things and putting them in their new proper places. There must be responsible adults out there somewhere.

I imagine these are the same people who keep their fridges stocked with fruits and vegetables, and never find themselves slowly opening tupperware that's been sitting at the back of the shelf too long to remember what was inside. (Shrimp. Ew.)

These are also the same people who do not get sidetracked by their own stuff as they pack and unpack.

I am not one of these people.

So I offer you my latest discovery among my belongings:

"'Miss Anne Shirley,
Green Gables,
Avonlea, P.E. Island.
DEAR MADAM: We have much pleasure in informing you that your charming story 'Averil's Atonement' has won the prize of twenty-five dollars offered in our recent competition....
Yours very truly,

'I don't understand,' said Anne, blankly.
Diana clapped her hands.
'Oh, I knew it would win the prize--I was sure of it. I sent your story into the competition, Anne.'
'Yes, I did,' Diana said gleefully, perching herself on the bed..... Diana was not the most discerning of mortals, but just at this moment it struck her that Anne was not looking exactly overjoyed. The surprise was there, beyond doubt--but where was the delight?
'Why, Anne, you don't seem a bit pleased!' she exclaimed.
Anne instantly manufactured a smile and put it on.
'Of course I couldn't be anything but pleased over your unselfish wish to give me pleasure,' she said slowly. 'But you know--I'm so amazed--I can't realize it--and I don't understand. There wasn't a word in my story about--about--' Anne choked a little over the word--'baking powder.'
'Oh, I put that in,' said Diana, reassured. 'It was as easy as wink--and of course my experience in our old Story Club helped me. You know the scene where Averil makes the cake? Well, I just stated that she used the Rollings Reliable in it, and that was why it turned out so well; and then, in the last paragraph, where Perceval clasps Averil in his arms and says, "Sweetheart, the beautiful coming years will bring us the fulfilment of our home of dreams," I added, "in which we will never use any baking powder except Rollings Reliable."'
'Oh,' gasped poor Anne...."

[Anne of the Island, by Lucy Maud Montgomery, pages 114-115]

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Erin said...

Awesome... I believe we have already had the discussion on how we are both huge (in my case, somewhat closeted) Anne of Green Gables fans. I really need to bring my series up from my parents place. Gilbert Blythe, sighhhhhh