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I'm supposed to be doing an enormous amount of laundry today, in preparation for an upcoming trip. This, after all, is why I skipped tobogganing with friends this afternoon. Not because, when they called this morning, it was -17C. And certainly not because I am afraid of tobogganing or using a crazy carpet designed for small children that cost only $3.15.

But a poll in today's Globe and Mail puzzles me.

How is it possible a national poll on climate change, of 1,000 people, found 22 per cent believe global warming is occurring naturally and not because of human activity, while 83 per cent of those polled believe global warming can be solved?

The numbers overlap, and in a way that doesn't make sense -- if you fall in those five percentage points that believe global warming is natural, how can it be solved?

Also, why would only 54 per cent of those polled see water pollution as a threat to Canadians? C'mon, people, you can actually see bad, threatening water in the GTA. People who go to beaches in Niagara's Port Dalhousie (part of St. Catharines) refuse to step into Lake Ontario past their knees because they don't want the water to get into their orifices. Which is a completely ridiculous precaution at that point, anyway.

And for once, why can't national pollsters break down where their 1,000 respondents live? Because I think an Albertan might have different thoughts on global warming compared to an Ontarian, and they would both be different from a Newfoundlander. And most British Columbians would be on an altogether different playing field. The rural-urban divide speaks volumes, too. This is a country that lives on its divisions. Rural-urban, east-west, rich-poor -- these are differences we thrive on. They define us.

Sigh. I probably should only read the story in today's Focus section about Prince William's girlfriend. Anything else will clearly enrage me.

Apparently she's having a rough go of it, being rich and beautiful and all that. Must be hard waiting for a prince to offer you an engagement ring.

Wonder how she handles the whole pre-travel laundry thing.... probably not by ranting about climate change on blogs that are supposed to be about books.

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